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Designed for men and young adults

Rusty’s House is designed for men and young adults who need supervision, guidance, and a lot of help getting and staying clean and sober. This is not a rehab but a structured, respectful, and comfortable sober living program. Our program consists of 4 properties with 7 private bed rooms, live in house managers, and staff ratio of 4 staff to 7 residences. Because we are small and private, we can customize each client’s recovery plan to their recovery needs. There are no bells and whistles here. There are no full body massages, art classes, or maids. What we do offer is 100 percent supervision and guidance in a 12-step recovery program that is sure to enhance and help any suffering alcoholic or addict that is 100 percent willing to listen and change. Each client is expected to follow the daily schedule with enthusiasm and effort.

Rusty’s House is proud to volunteer our services to local nonprofits, churches, and people in need in the Waynesville community. Our clients are expected to work and help when called upon. Generally, four to eight hours a week. We also believe in physical activity including working out in the gym three times a week, hiking up the mountain trials and getting in touch with nature and all the beautiful surroundings. We have two major outdoor events a month including zip lining, white water rafting, and fishing etc. Rusty’s House also believes in down time and relaxation. Each home is equipped with HD big screen TVs with full cable for our clients to enjoy on the down time.

If you or a loved one needs real help from real recovering people, please call us now to set up a phone interview and see if Rusty’s House is the right program for you or your loved one.

Cabin #1

Cabin 1 is the base headquarters for Rusty’s House. It is located on the beautiful trout filled Johnathon Creek and in a valley of lush trees with mountain views all around. Cabin one is the location for the men who are coming out of detox or off the street and need extra 24-hour care and supervision before they move on to the sober living program. This is also where the morning groups are held during the week as well as cook outs and hiking activities. This is a peaceful, quiet, and serene environment and perfect for those clients who need down time and rest before they start their recovery journey.

Cabin #2

Cabin 2 is a two bedroom one bath efficiency with a washer dryer, cable, WI-FI and HD big screen TV. It is located at the base of Recovery Mountain and has beautiful mountain views all the way around. It is truly an old log cabin and sitting on the old wood porch staring at the mountains will leave you peaceful and serene. This cabin is one of three homes used for the sober living men’s program on our 5 acres and houses two men.

House #3

House 3 is a three bed, two bath brick home with a full basement. This home is equipped with cable with big screen HD TV, WI-FI, wood burning fireplace, and hardwood floors. This home has a pool table, a horseshoe pit, as well as blueberries, grapes, apple trees, and a full garden to grow vegetables. It is located one-half mile from The Blue Ridge Parkway hiking and old logging trails. This home is one of three homes used for the sober living men’s program on our 5 acres and houses three men.

House #4

House 4 is a two-bed room, two bath full basement home. The home features a washer dryer, WI-FI, cable with big screen HD TV, hardwood floors, and wood burning fireplace. This is truly a country home with mountain views from the front and back porch. This cabin is one of three homes used for the sober living men’s program on our 5 acres and houses two men.
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