Extreme Intervention

Sometimes extreme behavior has to be countered with extreme measures. This is why we, at Intervention INK, offer help to families in situations that have gone out of control.

Intervention INK is one of the only intervention companies in the nation that specialize in Extreme Intervention. With this specialized intervention, we work with families who are at the end of the rope when it comes to saving their loved one. These families will go to any length possible to save the teenager, loved one or spouse in their life – no matter what it takes.

If you are the parent of a teenager lost to the street or if you have a loved one who seems trapped within the walls of a crack house, Extreme Intervention might be the last option. If your daughter is on the street prostituting to supply her drug habit, or your husband or wife that can’t pull away from the casino, we can help.

Years ago, Rick Marvin was a member of an outlaw motor cycle gang and had experienced all that goes along with the lifestyle before he became clean and sober and got on the path of being on the right side of the law. Rick speaks openly about his past and his experiences living in the high octane world of addiction and criminal activity. Today, because of this past experience, Rick is able to utilize the tools he has learned to save those who are living in extreme conditions – fully engulfed in addiction, criminal behavior and helplessness.

It takes extreme courage and the passion to help others to offer Extreme Interventions. This is what we do. Rick understands dangerous situations. And, he knows what it takes to save a lost soul and bring a loved one back from the clutches of certain death. If the addict in your life is in danger, due to where they are living or hanging out, the only option might be rescue.

Extreme Intervention is not for everyone. And, we do not accept every case. We offer a private, confidential consultation to see if Extreme Intervention is the best option.

The price for an Extreme Intervention is based on risk.

For a private consultation on how Extreme Intervention works and to see if you qualify, please contact Rick Marvin at 561 707 4288 or email any questions.

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