Why can’t I just intervene myself?

In most cases, if there were a family member influential enough to encourage an alcoholic or addict to seek treatment, it probably would’ve already happened. Unfortunately, for most family members, the stronger the emotional connection to someone abusing harmful substances, the harder it is to exert some control over the situation. What this means is that the more you care, the more difficult it can be to help. Unless, of course, the family member is properly educated.  In some cases, more damage can happen even with the best of intentions. A family intervention uses strengths already present within the family dynamic while teaching new tactics and empowering new strengths to move forward. Having an unbiased, qualified professional intervention specialist guiding a family through this process can eliminate the frustration and the mystery of the addict’s addiction.

Shouldn’t I wait until he reaches his bottom?

The unfortunate reality is that statistically most people addicted to drugs or alcohol don’t actually get sober. Some get arrested, overdose, or die in car wrecks. But, most just continue on until eventually their health fails. Even the negative consequences of the addiction don’t seem enough to stop them. The heroin addict who overdoses and then is brought back to life will immediately get another bag of dope as soon as he/she can. This is a classic and all too familiar case. Even the alcoholic usually continues to drink after job loss, failed marriage, or repeated drunk driving arrests. Take a walk down the skid row of any city. These lonely and lost souls have families who are still waiting for them to reach rock bottom. In the worse cases of methamphetamine addiction, by the time the addict reaches their bottom, they are clinically insane with methamphetamine psychosis. Waiting for them to figure it out themselves will typically end in failure. True success can begin with the family. Intervention INK specializes in all forms of drug and alcohol addiction and we work closely with the families to educate and empower… ultimately resulting in the family making a difference in the addicts’ life.

Who should be involved in a professional intervention?

Basically anyone who has a personal, emotional, or business connection with the alcoholic or addict should be involved in the intervention process. Immediate family members, a few close friends and one or two extended family members is typical. It is recommended that anyone with a connection be a participant on the Family Consultation Day, where we generally decide who should participate on the actual Intervention Day. The average size of the team present at the intervention itself is anywhere between 3 to 9 people.

What if he doesn’t go to treatment during the intervention?

Don’t worry. Although only 10% of the clients that we deliver professional interventions for actually go onto the “tough love” or bottom-line stage, we always prepare you for the next step. Our attitude is to hope for the best, but always prepare for the worst. And understand too, that the mind set you have today will be different after our Family Consultation Day.

What happens after the intervention?

Since we offer each family member lifetime support, we will continue to counsel and guide you while your loved one is in treatment, after he arrives back home, and in the months or even years that follow. When a family works with Intervention INK, we are committed to making sure that family is supported with counseling and guidance in the future.

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