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Welcome to Rusty’s House Men’s Sober Living Recovery Program. We are a highly structured residential sober living program located in the beautiful and serene Appalachian Mountains of Waynesville, NC.

At Rusty’s House, we know that it is very important and vital to the success of any addict’s recovery, that when they leave their initial inpatient treatment program, detox, or after they have hit their last and final bottom, they go directly into a safe and structured sober living recovery program.

Rusty’s House is owned and operated by Rick and Amy Marvin. For over a decade the Marvin’s have dedicated their lives to helping other addicts and alcoholics while honoring their late son Rusty who died from a drug overdose in July of 2005.

Rusty’s House is a safe and structured sober living program that gives the addict and or alcoholic the chance they need to succeed in their own recovery if they are willing and dedicated to do so. This can be a very difficult and life changing experience.

Rusty’s House is not for everyone. However, for those who are ready and willing to make significant changes, start a 12-step recovery program, and willing to do ANYTHING to stay clean and sober, this residential recovery program can change their life, their future, and help them find a new and powerful direction.

Rusty’s House works from the 12 Step Spiritual AA recovery program. We do not work with UA drug labs nor do we accept any form of illegal rental assistance from un-ethical IOP treatment centers and we do not take insurance at this time.

Rusty’s House Men’s Sober Living Program is operated and managed by recovering addicts and alcoholics.

“You want what we have you have to do what we do.”
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Rusty Marvin
4/3/87 - 7/7/05

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