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Rusty’s House was exactly what I needed at that time of my life. Rick is a very high energy man and leads by example. He was very instrumental in leading the way in the 12-step program. The staff at Rusty’s House is very patient and understanding as well. They are also quick to give consequences when directions are not followed. Like I said it was just what I needed to get clean and sober as I lacked respect and any form of discipline. Amy is the house mom and keeps everybody feeling less home sick and helped me rebuild my relationship with my mother. I’m glad I had the opportunity to come to Waynesville and experience the program here and I now have a real set of tools to keep me clean and sober.
Kevin M.
Rick and Amy picked me up from the Ashville airport and made me feel very at home and at ease as I was scared and unsure of what I was doing. When we approached the cabin, I was taken back as I have never seen mountains before and have never been in the country. It has been one of the best experiences in my life as I have been to three rehabs that just did the same thing. Rusty’s House lets you relax and keeps you moving at the same time. It truly has changed my life.
Eric C
Man, my legs hurt so bad after the first 4 mile mountain hike I thought I was going to die…LOL I’m 55 years old and John the house manager let me take it easy the next day but made me go to the AA meeting in town that day. It turned out to be a really good day because I met the best people ever at the Triangle Club House and also got my first NA sponsor. What a blessing this place has been. I just celebrated 90 days clean because I made a decision to “follow simple directions.” I’m a free man from my addiction today.
Larry B
Amy and Rick Marvin, from Rusty’s House, recently relocated to our small community in the mountains. They brought with them a strong commitment to help those recovering from the ravages of substance use and addiction, a tireless work ethic, a solid foundation of 12-Step knowledge and skills, and a spirit of willingness to insert themselves into our community for its betterment. Every community needs people like Amy and Rick! It’s a pleasure to work with them and it is my hope that their work flourishes.
Timothy Hussey, LCSW | Therapist, Spiritual Director in Private Practice
After 15 year of a roller coaster ride of drug rehab and detox, my son has enjoyed 15 months of sobriety. Wondering if my son would ever recover. I did feel hopeless at times but never gave up on him. While he was going through the program I could just see him getting better and better. He did a lot of hard work but he also had fun in the program. Thanks to Rusty's House for I am one proud Mom.
Martha W.
I am the mother of a 19 year old young man who struggles with drug addiction. My son Nick and I were introduced to Rick and Amy Marvin through a mutual friend. Nick has been in and out of numerous treatment centers/rehabs and detox centers over the last 4 years. I'm in recovery also and I know that if someone doesn't have the desire to get clean and sober there's not much I can do. I believe that Rusty's House has strengthened Nick's desire to live a clean and healthy life. Rick and Amy's program is amazing and different from any that I have been exposed to in the past. Although the main focus is on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, physical activity, nature, nutrition and living skills play a big part of the program at Rusty's House. I had the pleasure of visiting my son for 5 days last month and it was a wonderful experience!!! He looked happier and healthier than I have seen him in quite a long time. I was able to attend meetings and go on hikes with Rick, Amy, my son and his housemates. My son is learning how to deal with life, work and have fun without drugs and alcohol. I truly admire both Rick and Amy Marvin. They have never lost faith in my son and have been a constant support to me and my husband. Through their own personal loss they have devoted their lives to the recovery of others. My husband and I will always be grateful for Rusty's House. There is no other place like it!
Tammy R.

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Intervention Services
Detox and residential treatment placement
IOP treatment placement
Co-dependence/grief and trauma therapy
Life skills/recovery skills
AA/NA/CA/SA/GA recovery meetings
Transportation to and from meetings/treatment
Private rooms
Mountain Hiking/fishing/white water rafting/all outdoor activities
Sober companion/sober transportation/escort service
Sober coaching
Parent/Family Support Group Meetings

How Our Program Works

Rusty’s House works from the 12 Step spiritual AA recovery program

At Rusty’s House, we know that it is very important and vital to the success of any addict’s recovery, that when they leave their initial inpatient treatment program, detox, or after they have hit their last and final bottom, they go directly into a safe and structured sober living recovery program.

Rusty’s House is not for everyone. However, for those who are ready and willing to make significant changes, start a 12-step recovery program, and willing to do ANYTHING to stay clean and sober, this residential recovery program can change their life, their future, and help them find a new and powerful direction.

Our program consists of 4 properties with 7 private bed rooms, live in house manager, and a staff ratio of 4 staff to 7 residences. Because we are small and private, we can customize each client’s recovery plan to their recovery needs. There are no bells and whistles here. There are no full body massages, art classes, or maids. What we do offer is 100 percent supervision and guidance in a 12-step recovery program and expect each of our clients to give us 100 percent effort in their own recovery quest.

Requirements are very simple. Each client must be willing and ready to start his recovery journey. Each client must be physically able to walk, hike, and participate in physical activity. Each client must participate in the Rusty’s House volunteer work program helping local business and nonprofits. Each client must attend weekly outside therapy. And most importantly, each client must be respectful of roommates, staff, and the Waynesville community.

Rusty’s House works from the 12 Step spiritual AA recovery program. We do not work with UA drug labs nor do we accept any form of illegal rental assistance from un-ethical IOP treatment centers and we do not take insurance at this time.

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